About us

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From Central Market, a member of XG Group, we’re convinced that to operate in line with ethic principles and to make an effort to do our best are vital aspects of our success.


We’re in the import and distribution sector of high-quality food products, with exceptional values to satisfy our customer’s needs, keeping in mind the current society.


We want to be on top of products distribution sector, imported in Quality, Service, Alimentary Security and Innovation. Satisfying our customer’s expectations in quality and competitiveness, respecting the environment where we’re living and assuming our social corporative responsibility.


Seriousness and credibility
Attention and take care of customers, employees and providers
Social commitment


Central Market Fine Foods, a member of XG Group, was founded in Barcelona in 2005.
It was established primarily to cover the regional market, later developing a commercial presence in all the country by ourselves or through local distributors and with a presence in all key accounts.

The company operates in line with the specific requirements of each client and market, offering professional and efficient service from the product’s source to the final destination in the market. A high level of acceptance of our products both by the professional buyer and the final consumer in Spain and other European markets has made Central Market a firm of prestige in the imported-food sector.

Central Market has its office and warehouse in Barcelona and Andorra, with excellent communications by land and sea. The strategic location of Barcelona allows transport by road and sea to the Spanish (Barcelona-Valencia-Madrid Triangle), Andorran and the rest of Western Europe markets.